Meyersdale Railroad Museum & Visitor Center


When the Western Maryland Railway was being constructed in 1910, the railroad’s real estate agent promised he would build “the finest station between Cumberland and Connellsville” if the town fathers would grant permission to build the railroad through Meyersdale. Quite the promise!

Permission was given, and the brick semi-Tudor style station was the result. Initially, the depot served two passenger trains in each direction daily, but regular passenger service ceased in 1931. The station continued to serve freight customers and as a maintenance base. After the Western Maryland Railway was abandoned in 1975, the building fell into disrepair.

The station is owned by the County of Somerset. The Historical Society leases the station from the owner. The station has been restored to its 1911 external appearance and was reopened to the public in 1995. Since the initial restoration, three of the interior rooms have been used for displays of historical and cultural significance, and one room serves as a guest shop. The entry hallway gives the illusion of a railway platform. A fourth, larger room serves as our “train room,” featuring model train displays for the enjoyment of both young and old alike.

Today the restored Meyersdale Western Maryland Railway Station welcomes visitors with exhibits that tell the stories of the industries, farms, and people that make the Maple City “the sweetest place on the GAP.”


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Author: Meyersdale Historical Society