Whitsett-Fayette Yough Trail Chapter (WFYTC)

WFYTC is a volunteer trail chapter that was created and organized by the Johnson family of Whitsett, Pennsylvania. The Johnsons were pivotal volunteers who helped to build and maintain the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) for nearly two decades. A trail chapter under the Regional Trail Corporation (RTC), the WFYTC was formed in May 1997. Three years prior to WFYTC’s formation, the Whitsett community had been working on trailbuilding projects such as bridge construction/redecking for the development of the Yough River Trail North (YRTN). The founding officers were Ernest Johnson as President, Leon Johnson as Vice President, and Clarence Johnson as Secretary/Treasurer, all of whom are still officers today.

WFYTC’s primary focus since the construction of the YRTN through Whitsett has been the maintenance of trail grounds around Whitsett, Van Meter, and Perryopolis. WFYTC tackles everything from grass cutting to brush removal, clearing cluttered or clogged storm drains, removing downed trees, and cleaning up mudslides. WFYTC sustains their maintenance costs through membership dues and individual/corporation donations, as well as facilitating a parking operation on behalf of Westmoreland County during the Twin Lakes Festival. Another fundraiser sponsored by WFYTC in partnership with the Whitsett Community Civic Center Society is the annual Community/Trail Appreciation Day, held on the 2nd Saturday of August. While there is no official maintenance schedule, WFYTC addresses problems along their portion of the GAP as they arise and volunteers cut the grass on a weekly basis.

For more information regarding the Whitsett-Fayette Yough Trail Chapter within the Regional Trail Corporation visit RTC’s website: https://www.regionaltrailcorp.com/whitsett_fayette_yough_trail/index.html

WFYTC 2020 Officers:

Ernest Johnson, President

Leon Johnson, Vice President

Clarence Johnson, Secretary/Treasurer

Author: Reed Hertzler with contributions from WFYTC