McKeesport Trail Commission (MKTC)

The McKeesport Trail Commission (MKTC) was founded in 2008 and was organized as a commission of the City of McKeesport not as an independent 501(c)(3). They operate as an advisory group to Mayor and the McKeesport City Council on trail-related matters. Trails within McKeesport are owned and maintained by the city. The trail along the Monongahel River is owned by the Regional Trail Corporation and Allegheny County owns the Riverton Bridge.

Any matters concerning the trails within the city are taken to the mayor or the Public Works Director. Volunteer trail monitors are also available to help with immediate minor repairs. With the city’s permission, MKTC participates in several trail clean-up days and assists with tree planting, with trees provided by a grant from Tree Vitalize. The MKTC also directly maintains the McKeesport Hostel and several floral planters along the GAP.

Due to MKTC being a volunteer organization, the commissioners are appointed by the mayor and pay annual dues. Those interested in joining MKTC can do so as a “Friend of the Trail” or an associate member, both of which pay membership dues. Another form of fundraising that MKTC supports is the annual McKeesport Car Show, along with other events such as the Good Neighbor Day in June, McKeesport International Village in August, “Salute to Santa” Parade in November, and Festival of Trees in December.

For more information on the McKeesport Trail Commission visit their website at

MKTC 2020 Officers:

Linda Brewster, President

Alison Piccolino, Vice President

Joyce MacGregor, Secretary/ Treasurer

Jill Lape, City Council Representative

Author: Reed Hertzler with contributions from MKTC