Ohiopyle State Park & Friends of Ohiopyle

 The Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) passes through the iconic Ohiopyle State Park, famous for its rolling vistas and rushing rapids. Maintaining the park and the trails within it is primarily taken on by park staff, and are supported by the Friends of Ohiopyle (FOO) volunteer group. FOO’s focus is centered on the trails within the park and occasionally assists with work when needed along the GAP.

FOO is a subsidiary of the Pennsylvania Parks and Forest Foundation, which operates a retail space within the Ohiopyle State Park Visitor Center. They also sell food at two park events:  Music in the Mountains in September and Winterfest in February. More complicated maintenance projects and upkeep is assigned to park staff. The park will engage a contractor for trail resurfacing around the park. Bridge and culvert replacement are also repaired or replaced by contractors. Bids are generated by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR,) Bureau of Facility Design and Construction, who also oversees the contractors.

The park staff and FOO collaborate to ensure the resources and trails around the park continue to be available for public enjoyment and provide assistance to the GAP when necessary.

Visit the Friends of Ohiopyle Facebook page for more information on the nonprofit’s events, volunteer updates, and more.

Visit the DCNR website for more information on Ohiopyle State Park.










Author: Reed Hertzler with contributions from Ohiopyle State Park